Styles of Dance

The styles of dance offered at the Joseph Wallin School of Dance in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

A combination of several dance styles. Usually performed to jazz or other rhythmically driven music.

A combination of ballet and jazz. It interprets the mood and/or lyrics of the music.

A percussive style of dance that uses the sound of tap shoes striking the floor. It is widely used in Musical Theatre.

Hip Hop
A form of dance inspired by urban culture, with a wide variety of styles.


Musical Theatre
Uses songs, spoken word, acting and dance. Requires endurance, strength and artistry.

Highland / Scottish National
The traditional solo dancing of Scotland. 

Percussive dance in which the clarity of the footwork is the most important part. Usually performed to traditional Celtic music.

Simple movements from all styles of dance. Classes are specifically tailored to suit the varying abilities of children 3-4 years of age.

Teacher Training
Training students to be certified teachers of dance in most of the styles offered at the school.